In Conversation: Sedgwick’s Max Koonce on Innovation in Claims Handling

New technologies are changing the way adjusters approach claims handling.
By: | December 18, 2023

From transportation to communication, industries of all kinds have been disrupted by tech companies. Mobile technologies, big data and artificial intelligence have changed the ways we process information, and how we live and work.

It’s no surprise, then, that technology is also shifting how workers’ compensation adjusters process claims. New tools are generating reports, identifying red flags in interviews and facilitating communication with injured workers. These tools are reducing workloads, driving better outcomes and reducing costs.

“We’re at a pivotal point where innovation is really limitless,” said Max Koonce, chief claims officer with Sedgwick.

“There’s a tremendous amount of data out there and there’s a tremendous amount of opportunity to say, How can we use it? How can we actually create a process where the data allows us to look at trends — not in a broad perspective, but to look at trends and behaviors in a very streamlined perspective?”

Risk & Insurance® writer Courtney DuChene sat down with Koonce at the 2023 National Comp conference in Las Vegas to discuss emerging trends and innovation within workers’ compensation claims handling.

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