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For Injured Workers Receiving Physical Therapy, Keeping Up a Steady Pace Toward Recovery Depends on Who Oversees Their Referral

Injured workers whose journey to recovery is guided with the care of a clinical oversight team have the best shot at timely recoveries.

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When a physician orders physical therapy to treat a worker’s injury, having a clinically trained team available to assist the injured worker throughout the life of their referral is critical.

How quickly the worker begins treatment, progresses through recovery, and returns to work can be positively influenced by selecting the right provider of service and having a collaborative team approach between all parties overseeing the journey.

“Our data shows that injured workers who begin therapy within three days of an injury need 38% fewer physical therapy visits to achieve successful outcomes,” Jill Hunter, vice president of product delivery at One Call explained.

“On the other hand, if an injured worker starts therapy more than 30 days post injury, the time to discharge increases from less than three weeks to almost six weeks,” Hunter said.

One Call places a priority on getting injured workers into treatment right away. Taking a clinical approach to guiding injured workers toward the appropriate therapeutic practice, Hunter said, “results in 100% of our prospective cases having clinical oversight applied.”

“Our program was designed, and is supported by licensed clinicians and industry experts, to ensure our injured workers achieve maximum return to health and have a positive experience,” she added.

From finding a credentialed provider to facilitating communication between therapists and all parties involved in the workers’ compensation claim, clinical oversight translates to significant recovery achievements for injured workers and substantial savings for payers.

In 2021, One Call’s patient-centric approach to managing physical therapy referrals resulted in an average of $1,096 in clinical savings per referral and $235 million in total cost avoidance for clients.

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