USI Broker Brian Hunt Recognized as a 2023 Construction Power Broker

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Brian Hunt, Vice President, Construction, USI

Portrait of Brian Hunt

Brian Hunt, CPCU, CRIS
Vice President, Construction
USI, Dallas

Technology continues to change construction in ways that can be difficult to grasp — and to insure.

As president, Americas, at Disperse — a construction management platform that uses machine learning to monitor the progress of large construction projects in near real-time — Brian Clarke found securing coverage for assignments to be nightmarish before working with Brian Hunt.

By reviewing previous policies and putting together a boilerplate that Disperse could proactively present to clients, Hunt was able to dramatically streamline the process. “We’ve probably cut the time to get coverage to within a day or two now, versus two weeks in the past,” Clarke said. “Brian and his team’s understanding of construction has been really invaluable … I consider him a partner versus a vendor at this point.”

At Stealth Monitoring, which provides remote video monitoring services, general counsel Joseph Wyly also found placing coverage at the intersection of technology and construction a challenge. “We do a lot of work for construction companies,” Wyly said. “Our business is unique … and at times, it has been difficult to write technology policies.”

When a Canadian policy received only one offer for renewal, the premium more than doubled and the retention increased tenfold. “But Brian was able to leverage relationships and figure out ways to explain the risk. [He] made the carriers feel comfortable,” Wyly explained. “We got the offer that we needed and the coverage that we needed.”

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