Symphony Risk Solutions Broker Mary Anne Viau Recognized as a 2023 Real Estate Power Broker

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Mary Anne Viau, Director, Claims, Symphony Risk Solutions

Mary Anne Viau
Director, Claims
Symphony Risk Solutions, San Francisco

If knowledge is power, then Mary Anne Viau is mighty indeed.

“A lot of times, brokers really don’t understand what insurance coverage law is,” said Mark Parris, Esq., coverage counsel for Bristol Group Inc. at Orrick.

“Mary Anne was very facile with respect to understanding the legal niceties, and has a real interest in that as well … That is not something I typically run across.”

And she uses that knowledge to benefit her clients.

“Her experience becomes particularly apparent when she is providing significant backward-looking input and guidance on litigation and settlement strategy for claims, as well as forward-looking advice on how we can avoid similar claims in the future,” said Michael Beler, associate general counsel for Essex Property Trust Inc.

“On a number of occasions, she has recognized and chased down carriers whose policies carry a limited self-insured retention, resulting in significant savings to us,” said Beler.

“Only a few of our locations fall under this policy, and its coverage is limited. Mary Anne has been great at identifying when it applies and getting the carrier on board.”

Stacy Fuchs, executive director of Bristol Group Inc., said, “She uses her contacts well and gets results. Her industry knowledge is impressive, as she has a wealth of experience … Mary Anne thinks like an owner and understands how to move a process forward efficiently and effectively.”

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