Parker, Smith & Feek Broker Josh Hedrick Recognized as a 2023 Agriculture Power Broker

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Josh Hedrick, Vice President, Account Executive, Parker, Smith & Feek

Josh Hedrick, CLCS
Vice President, Account Executive
Parker, Smith & Feek, Bellevue, Wash.

For the clients that know him and greatly appreciate him, Josh Hedrick is a broker they can trust both to understand their business and to integrate himself into their professions and community.

In the past year, one of his clients was spun off from its majority owner and needed to build its own independent insurance program. Hedrick established short-term extensions with existing carriers and, over a period of four months, got it all done, putting together a program that fit the client’s budget and timeline.

“Josh’s approach to customer service is to let the client drive,” this thankful client said. “If we indicate we need more help, Josh provides more help. He is available without being intrusive. He is highly professional.”

Industry knowledge is a key trait of a Power Broker.

“He takes the time to know our people, our facilities, our inventory and our processes,” this same client said.

“Layered onto his knowledge of our specific operation, Josh is incredibly well informed of our local industry happenings and developments in the wider food and agribusiness sector. He brings this knowledge together to set expectations and provide options during the critically important annual renewal cycle.”

“I think what I like about him is that he is proactive,” another client said. “When we need to get coverage, he is giving us information in advance and pushing back on the carriers and trying to really make sure all the information that we need is there.”

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What is a Power Broker?

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