McNeal, Sports & Wilson Risk Advisers’ Will Wilson, Jr. Recognized as a 2019 Workers’ Compensation Power Broker

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Will Wilson, Jr.
Business Risk Adviser
McNeal, Sports & Wilson Risk Advisers, Waycross, Ga.

Will Wilson, Jr., Business Risk Adviser, McNeal, Sports & Wilson Risk Advisers

Small to mid-sized employers sometimes assume that because of their size, they can’t access the kind of elite-level service larger organizations might expect. Will Wilson’s clients, however, know they’re getting the best.

One client was operating two discrete operations — a roofing construction company and a mobile home fabrication company. One entity had a favorable experience mod, the other did not.

The roofing business had been in a professional employer organization (PEO) due to being non-renewed several years prior. The fabricator was saddled with a class code for vinyl siding installation and roofing. The agency handling the account had attempted to dispute the code but failed.


Wilson had his work cut out for him trying to optimize coverage and efficiencies for both of the client’s businesses. For starters, he filed the paperwork to combine the companies for the purposes of NCCI, allowing both companies to benefit from a .78 credit mod.

He then filed a dispute to change the class code for the mobile home fabricator. He was rejected at first but kept at it until he succeeded. Finally, he was able to pull the roofing company out of the PEO and combine both companies on a single policy.

All told, Wilson not only streamlined the structure of both programs, he reduced the client’s workers’ comp costs by 62.5 percent.

“I don’t think we’d be in business without Will,” said the president of a drilling and trenching company. “I’m not overstating that. I don’t know how he does it.”

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