Marsh Broker Susannah Davis Recognized as a 2023 Construction Power Broker

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Susannah Davis, Vice President, Client Executive, Marsh

Portrait of Susannah Davis

Susannah Davis, CRIS, CRM
Vice President, Client Executive
Marsh, Toronto

“There’s always a construction project in the pipeline,” said Bryan McGann, insurance and risk manager at Queen’s University in Kingston, Ontario. “There’s always at least one or two on the go.”

But it was a major $86 million project that kept Susannah Davis on her toes in 2022. A partial demolition and construction effort in a central location connected to other high-value buildings, the program was complex from its inception. Then the decision to use mass timber framing added another wrinkle.

Mass timber is generally considered a safe material, but because it’s relatively new — combined with the fact that it’s especially vulnerable during construction, when beams are exposed and fire safety measures are not yet installed — the premiums quoted were roughly 10 times more than the project managers had expected before the risk management team joined the conversation.

Davis worked extensively with her markets to assemble the necessary coverage at a price the university could afford. “I was a broker in a prior life,” McGann said, “and what she pulled together was remarkable.”

Meanwhile, in Quebec, the $2 billion government project of another of Davis’ clients was due to close on the same day as the Queen’s funeral — an unexpected holiday in Canada. To avoid cost overruns and meet lender agreements three days earlier, Davis worked with over 30 markets across multiple lines to execute placement in under 24 hours.

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