HUB International Broker Neda Pashaie Recognized as a 2023 Private Client Power Broker

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Neda Pashaie, Senior Vice President, Private Client Advisor, HUB International

Neda Pashaie
Senior Vice President, Private Client Advisor
HUB International, Culver City, Calif.

There are some addresses in Los Angeles where insurance coverage has become a challenge. Yet Neda Pashaie has come through for property owners where full insurance coverage is all but impossible, said a CPA business manager who counts celebrities and other high-net-worth individuals among his clients.

“She’s the best,” the business manager said. “I try not to use anybody but her because I have so much confidence in her.”

It’s a confidence backed up not only by Pashaie’s ability to place difficult coverage, but also by her organizational skills. “We probably write 500 policies a year and she keeps track of them all,” the business manager said. “She is so much on top of everything that most of the time, I don’t even have to think of it.”

Another business manager with high-net-worth clients has thrown a range of challenges at Pashaie over the past year: “I have had claims for houses burning down, burglaries, intense car accidents, et cetera,” they said. “And I have found that my clients are always protected, as Neda has made sure they have purchased the correct and adequate insurance. I just contact Neda and she takes care of things.”

Pashaie also earns respect for placing the interests of policyholders before her own.

“That’s the most important thing,” said Tricia Fatheree, insurance manager, Kaufman & Bernstein Inc. Fatheree has worked with Pashaie for about 20 years. “She’s gone over and beyond her job,” Fatheree said, “to make accommodations and to think outside the box.”

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