HUB International Broker John Watkins Recognized as a 2023 Private Client Power Broker

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John Watkins, Account Executive, HUB International

John Watkins, CISR, CPRIA
Account Executive
HUB International, Wilmington, Mass.

John Watkins is something of a detective. For a client with a second home in a remote area, Watkins researched the local fire department’s ability to respond to an emergency. The information he gathered shaved more than $5,000 from the client’s premium.

“No one had looked at it before,” said the insurance adviser for the client’s family office. This adviser began working with Watkins in 2022 and was quickly impressed. “This was a very complex program, so I don’t think just anyone could have handled it,” they said. “He was very, very good.”

Watkins identified gaps in coverage, benchmarked the family’s coverage against the market and found alternate insurers to get more competitive pricing. “The client was very happy with the end result, the lowered premium, the gaps being closed, and just overall with how quickly the process went and how the information was very detailed and thorough.”

Another family office called in Watkins when family members felt they were overinsured and underserviced on an account that involved multistate assets and several business enterprises. When Watkins identified how they could increase their coverage without much increase in premium, the family was happy with the results, said the family office CFO.

Family members also appreciated Watkins’ enthusiasm and attentive service. In one instance, he arranged to meet the family so he could deliver license plates for a car they had just purchased. “He really does go out of his way,” the CFO said.

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