HUB International Broker Janet Jones Recognized as a 2023 Private Client Power Broker

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Janet “Jenny” Jones, Executive Vice President, HUB International

Janet “Jenny” Jones
Executive Vice President
HUB International, Culver City, Calif.

It’s not easy to insure high-end homes in the fire-prone areas of Southern California. But clients of Janet “Jenny” Jones are getting the coverage they need.

“She’s found creative ways to manage through that,” said one client. Jones not only secured coverage by putting his two California homes on the same policy; she also found ways to save money.

She recommended the installation of devices called spark arresters, for example, which are designed to prevent embers from entering through duct openings. The devices reduced the annual premium by 10%, said the client. “She really is an expert, from start to finish.”

For another client with homes in Southern California, Jones managed to knock $250,000 from the initial quote on the premium. Jones also helps to insure the client’s substantial art and jewelry collections.

“She’s very thorough. She’s very good. She’s very economical. She’s very detailed. I give her an A++,” the client said.

In addition to homes, Jones has secured coverage for the unusual risks her clients can incur. One built a free-standing closet inside a storage unit as a place to keep clothes while they were moving between houses, said the business manager for the client’s family office.

“Jenny got it covered,” the business manager said.

Insurance isn’t this manager’s forte. “She’s able to translate the ‘I don’t know what’s going on’ into something that makes sense for me,” the manager said.

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