G2 Insurance Broker Lauren Erickson Recognized as a 2023 Nonprofit Power Broker

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Lauren Erickson, Nonprofit Practice Leader, G2 Insurance

Lauren Erickson, CIC
Nonprofit Practice Leader
G2 Insurance, Walnut Creek, Calif.

Muttville Senior Dog Rescue, based in San Francisco, is a nonprofit organization that looks to help senior dogs find what is lovingly described as “their forever home.”

But the pandemic quickly altered the risks that the organization’s staff were being exposed to. When COVID-19 forced shutdowns, the shelter closed its doors. After re-opening the location in October 2021, the organization had staff workers who remained working remotely.

“Our risk exposure went down dramatically,” said Erick Smith, director of strategy & engagement. Because of this, the organization saw it no longer needed the amount of workers’ comp coverage it was purchasing.

Smith took this to broker Lauren Erickson, who in discussions with the carrier, was able to re-classify seven employees’ risk exposures. The result landed the organization with about a 20% cheaper renewal than the previous year.

In another instance, the organization had to install a 24/7 video security monitoring system to secure builder’s risk insurance. Erickson provided Smith with three proposals and was able to help the organization not only implement a cost-effective security system but also secure the necessary blanket coverage.

“Lauren identified a security company that could monitor our jobsite during construction, while also working to satisfy coverage conditions,” Smith said. It ended up saving the organization close to $50,000.

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