AssuredPartners Broker RP Lopez Recognized as a 2023 Agriculture Power Broker

Topics: Agriculture

RP Lopez, Midwest Region Agribusiness Practice Leader, AssuredPartners

RP Lopez, CWCC
Midwest Region Agribusiness Practice Leader
AssuredPartners, Lexington, Ky.

There’s knowing your sector, and then there’s the degree to which AssuredPartners’ RP Lopez knows his sector. He knows it so well that some admiring clients simply refer to him as the “Ag King.”

That knowledge base “is where RP really shines,” one client said. “His industry-specific knowledge is unmatched. He understands producers, processors and the ag industry, and recognizes the external struggles these industries face when purchasing insurance.

“For a company like us, who does it all, his advice has been crucial. He is a trusted resource and has a wealth of knowledge. He opened our eyes and helped us look at purchasing insurance [and the processes that go into it] in a whole new way,” the client added.

Lopez works with some big companies. But he doesn’t let those big premium numbers cloud how he looks at each and every client.

“I think we might be small potatoes in his group of businesses, but he never treats us that way,” this client said. They also praised not only Lopez’s approach to customer service but also his intimate knowledge of the industry.

“I think, given his knowledge of grain bins and crop production, he can live and speak that language,” the client said. “They are not just numbers on a piece of paper for him.”

“If I call him, he will call me back in a half an hour,” another client said. “He doesn’t work here, but he is a part of our team.”

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