Aon Broker Blythe Hogan Recognized as a 2023 Fine Arts Power Broker

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Blythe Hogan, Vice President & Director, Aon

Blythe Hogan
Vice President & Director
Aon, Atlanta

When a private art collector wanted to loan some of their works to a museum in Florida for an exhibition, they felt confident Blythe Hogan would be able to manage their insurance needs for the six-month exhibition.

The borrowing institution had been unable to provide primary insurance for the artworks due to limited capacity and significant premiums for CAT-exposed risks in the state. Hogan worked her carrier connections until she found one that would provide temporary coverage for the works while they were at the museum.

Then, she helped set up a system for tracking each truck that transported the artwork to the museum so that the collector could feel secure knowing their works were safe along the way. “Blythe made it seamless,” the client said.

“Once we laid out what the situation was, she knew who the carriers were to approach, how we should do things, the way we should coordinate and it went off smoothly.”

A large family of collectors praised Hogan’s knowledge of the art world. They appreciated her encyclopedia-like ability to name the artist, the artwork’s title and its history when she went through their collection with them. Her expertise in both fine arts and insurance makes her a top-notch partner for her clients.

“I’ve never known anyone who could honestly walk around a museum and talk about every single piece of art with such depth and detail,” a risk manager for the family said. “She is phenomenal.”

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