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Interisk opens its doors as the first-of-its-kind risk consultancy and Care Bridge International announces a chief innovation officer; all of this and more in this edition of People on the Move.
By: | July 1, 2020

Iterisk Opens Door as First-of-Its-Kind Risk Consultancy

Derick Hembd, owner, Iterisk

Lori Robinett, managing partner, Iterisk

IteriskTM has opened its doors as the first-of-its kind risk consulting company.

Iterisk will provide an integrated risk management solution for clients in a wide-range of industries, working with business through its supply chain, operations and asset life cycle, providing clients with a full risk assessment while working to identify opportunities around performance optimization for their organization.  

Its team of industry specialists focuses on integrating the latest technology advances and data into their clients’ risk profiles to ensure increased operational efficiency, stakeholder transparency and business success.

“The Iterisk team is thrilled to be a newly diverse player in the risk and insurance marketplace. I could not be prouder of the experienced team of risk advocates we have assembled,” said Derick Hembd, owner, Iterisk. 

“Our promise to our clients is to work long-term through the asset life cycle as a direct extension to their overall team, diving deep into their risk profile, and measuring its resources and financial contribution to their overall investment strategy,” said Lori Robinett, managing partner, Iterisk.

“We are passionate about risk and insurance and value each client relationship and are excited to get to know our potential clients, their operations and risk story to better serve and help protect their business.”

Care Bridge International Announces Chief Innovation Officer

Chris Frankland, chief innovation officer, Care Bridge International

Care Bridge International has announced Christopher Frankland as its newest chief innovation officer. 

“As we advance our customer-centric solutions, Chris’ technology and customer journey experience are the ideal fit for meeting the needs of our existing and prospective clients,” said Deborah Watkins, founder of Care Bridge International. 

Deeply immersed in the world of Insurtech and intelligent automation, Frankland has focus on innovative solutions geared to leverage people, processes, technology and data to redefine and elevate the customer experience across the health and insurance domain.

“Delivering an insurance experience that meets the needs and expectations of the modern world requires a careful balance between human touch and technology. One cannot succeed without the other,” stated Frankland.

“Joining an organization that centers its entire vision around people, process, technology and data with innovation at its core provides an incredibly exciting opportunity.”

In addition to his new role, Frankland the innovation team announced the launch of  Bridge-IT (pronounced Bridget), Care Bridge’s developed proprietary software platform designed for use as a SaaS technology or claim data integration in a combined customer service platform.

“Bridge-IT is the culmination of a design that elevates the existing customer experience and exemplifies the personalized experience – placing intelligent data, insight, and proactive medical forecasting tools within easy reach,” Frankland said in a statement. 

Worldwide Facilities Hires a Senior Executive Vice President, M&A

Brad Perilman, senior executive vice president, Mergers & Acquisitions, Worldwide Facilities

Worldwide Facilities, a national wholesale insurance broker, managing general agent and program underwriter, announced that Brad Perilman joined the company as senior executive vice president, mergers & acquisitions. 

 As part of the executive management team, Perilman will lead Worldwide Facilities’ M&A activities.

He will be responsible for transaction sourcing, strategic and financial analysis, diligence management and assisting with the development and implementation of integration plans. 

Davis Moore, CEO of Worldwide Facilities, commented, “M&A is an important growth lever for us, as evidenced by the nine acquisitions we made in the past 2.5 years.

“Brad, as a dedicated M&A resource with a considerable skill set and relevant financial and operational experience, will expand our capabilities. We have known Brad and respected his capabilities for a long time and are extremely pleased to have him join the Worldwide Facilities team.”  

Perilman has over 18 years of global (re)insurance industry experience. Prior to joining Worldwide Facilities, he served as the chief financial officer of Atlas General Holdings, LLC.

“I am thrilled to be working with the extremely talented team at Worldwide Facilities,” Perilman said.

“I look forward to helping continue the tremendous growth Worldwide Facilities has experienced and building upon the strong foundation established over the last 50 years.”

FCCI Expands Footprint and Hires Senior Business Development Specialist, Names President & CEO

Courtney Hart, senior vice president for the Mid-Atlantic Region, FCCI

Christina Welch, president and chief executive officer, FCCI

Sarasota, Florida-based property and casualty insurer FCCI Insurance Group (FCCI) is expanding its geographic reach, announcing it will begin writing commercial insurance in the state of Pennsylvania as of September 1, 2020.

The Pennsylvania operations will be coordinated through FCCI’s Mid-Atlantic Region, headquartered in Richmond, Va., and also operating in Maryland and Washington, D.C. 

Sales and marketing efforts in Pennsylvania will be led by senior business development specialist Scott Hillegas and supported by an experienced group of insurance professionals under the direction of Courtney Hart, senior vice president for the Mid-Atlantic Region.

With 37 years in the insurance industry, Hart brings a wealth of knowledge and leadership to the market.

“We are confident Courtney’s experience in regional operations, product development, target marketing and strategic planning – along with the solid relationships he has built with key agency partners – will support successful growth in our newest state,” said Christopher S. Shoucair, interim president and chief executive officer of FCCI Insurance Group.

In addition, the FCCI Insurance Group board of directors is pleased to announce its selection of Christina ‘Cina’ Welch as president & chief executive officer.

Welch began her career with FCCI in 1998 as attorney in the legal department and has held varied and progressively complex roles during her tenure, taking on the role in 2018 of executive vice president, general counsel, and chief audit & compliance officer.

“We are delighted to welcome Cina to her new role with FCCI,” said Jack Cox, FCCI’s chairman of the board.

“We were fortunate to have a number of exceptional internal candidates. We feel confident in our decision and look forward to what Cina’s leadership will bring to FCCI in the coming years.” &

Emily Spennato is a former staff writer with Risk & Insurance.

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