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Why a Strong Company Culture Has Set Carisk Up for Success for Years to Come

Carisk's mission-driven, value-based approach to leadership has helped the company attract talent and improved care for the patients it works with.

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For Carisk CEO Joe Berardo, caring for people is at the core of his company’s mission.

Carisk is tasked with stepping in to assist with managing and coordinating medical care for workers who experience catastrophic injuries on the job. That kind of work takes a special touch, and in Berardo’s view, it starts with building a strong company culture where employees are treated with respect and given room to grow alongside the business.

“We are blessed to have a company that does very well by doing good,” he said.

“A culture is going to develop in every company, whether you want to be an active part of helping shape that culture or not. I think people really appreciate feeling like they’re individually part of the company; they’re not just a number.”

That commitment to employee wellbeing is just one of the reasons why Carisk has consistently been named one of the best places to work by Modern Healthcare, which has recognized the company for the second year in a row.

Its mission-driven ethos, award-winning company culture and dedication to employees and customers have proven to be a winning formula for both attracting and retaining talent, and for building successful recovery outcomes for injured workers.

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Carisk Partners- A Risk-Transfer, Care Coordination Company

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