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When PTSD Is the Injury, Injured Workers Need More Than Medical Care

As the workers’ comp industry better understands the relationship between mental and physical health, a new generation of industry executives are leading the way to better biopsychosocial treatment.

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Much of the discussion around coverage of PTSD by worker’s compensation has centered on first responders, and more state workers’ comp bureaus are recognizing PTSD as a compensable injury among this population.

While that’s a step in the right direction, the prevalence of PTSD among injured workers in other occupations remains underestimated. Anyone who has suffered a life-changing catastrophic injury or witnessed a violent event can experience the symptoms of PTSD.

The impact of PTSD on physical health outcomes likewise remains underappreciated. That prevents injured workers from receiving the multidisciplinary care they need to fully recover. A lack of understanding around how best to treat PTSD persists in workers’ comp.


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