VCIA Virtual Annual Conference 2020

Whether you are new to the industry or have many years of experience, there is something for you to learn and someone for you to meet at VCIA! Join us in August!

When: August 11 – 13, 2020

Register Now! Feel free to reach the VCIA staff with any questions.

Great Reasons to Attend VCIA Virtual:

  1. Earn more CPE/ VT CLE/ CRE credits than ever. Because all sessions will be readily accessible, attendees can gain more professional education credits than at an in-person event. CPE, VT CLE and CRE credits are available to those who participate in the virtual conference webcasts. Attendees may earn up to 10 credits attending the 3 day live event, and an additional 11 credits are possible attending the repeat sessions on August 14th and 15th.
  2. High quality captive insurance education, with panelists who are captive owners from some of the most prestigious organizations in the world. Learn from the best and brightest.
  3. A longer list of attendees. By eliminating the time, expense, inconvenience, and potential danger associated with travel, going virtual makes the conference more accessible to a larger swath of people. The lack of space constraints also means the conference can handle increased interest.
  4. A more efficient exhibit hall. A virtual exhibit hall means that attendees literally have exhibitors at their fingertips. Attendees can navigate the floor, access exhibitors’ materials, and make introductions (via a live chat function) in a more time-efficient manner. The energy and visual appeal of a live expo hall will be represented virtually, and exhibitors will have a chance to shine.
  5. Access to expert pandemic insights. Conference agendas are typically built months in advance, with little wiggle room for last-minute changes in session topics or speakers. Virtual offerings, however, allow more flexibility.
  6. Coverage of emerging risks. Captives are often a first home for emerging risks not yet covered by the traditional market in an affordable way. Educational sessions will continue to discuss the growing utilization of captives as risk transfer tools for the gig economy, the robotics industry, and in efforts to combat cyber-crime.
  7. Networking. VCIA Virtual will be the best chance of the year to connect with captive professionals. There will be dedicated time to connect with exhibitors and sponsors and chances to chat with key decision makers and continue building relationships. The event’s digital platform will include plenty of opportunities for outreach to other attendees. Whether within the realm of the exhibit hall, during session Q&As, or through additional open forums, people will be able to easily access their peers and potential business partners.
  8. Content for newcomers and veterans alike. VCIA is known for its offerings for those  newer to the industry, as well as those who’ve been coming to our event for years. That balance will be maintained and perhaps even enhanced through the virtual format. With special added features that are unique to the online experience!
  9. A dynamic way to learn, show leadership, earn credit, connect with others, and enjoy! Don’t miss out on this special event – the very first of its kind – join us and demonstrate the leadership and adaptability that the captive industry is known for! Take a sneak peek at the virtual conference platform!


To learn more about VCIA Annual Conference, please visit their website.

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