VCIA Annual Conference

Whether you are new to the industry or have many years of experience, there is something for you to learn and someone for you to meet at VCIA! Join us in August!

When: August 10 – 13, 2020

Where:Davis Center/DoubleTree by Hilton Burlington, VT

Top 10 Reasons to Come to VCIA!

1. CAPTIVE IMMERSION! a new VCIA experience designed to educate new captive industry professionals on the key services of captives in a condensed time frame. Includes lunch, education, and a networking reception

2. The VCIA conference is a great source for captive career development and networking; earn CPE / CLE / ICCIE credit

3. Sessions with focus areas for those new to captive insurance, those in accounting / finance, operations, and risk management. Professional development sessions are offered as well.Sessions are interactive and fun

 Nearly 100 companies exhibit, featuring the newest product and service developments

5. Two Fantastic keynote speakers, to be announced

6. A great offsite Risk Management tour for captive owners

7. Panelists who are captive owners from some of the most prestigious organizations in the world teach at VCIA

8. Learning Circles; a way to make instant friends and connections for newcomers or those attending solo

9.VCIA is perfect for those new to the industry, or long-time participants.Educational offerings for all levels

10. VCIA is an excellent opportunity to relax, learn and have fun with industry peers! Burlington, Vermont and the surrounding area is a wonderful place to explore


To learn more about VCIA Annual Conference, please visit their website.

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