Utilization Review: Clinical Excellence & Unparalleled Outcomes

At EK Health, we have partnered our strength in clinical excellence with our superior technology in utilization and peer review, resulting in a highly refined process where clinical excellence is key.

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Workers’ compensation payors demand consistent, defensible utilization review (UR) that complies with all relevant laws and regulations. Our URAC-accredited program focuses on reliable quality with no hidden costs, with customized workflows that save time and money. We add value to your bottom line by joining the right people, processes and technology with a relentless commitment to quality and cost-effective solutions.

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As a leading national managed care company, EK Health Services, Inc. sets the gold standard for medical case management, utilization review, medical bill review, network management, and Medicare Set-Asides. We facilitate quality, cost-efficient medical treatment for workers' compensation claims.

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