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To Solve Complex WC Claims, this New Model Takes an Interdisciplinary, Proactive Approach to Care

In WC, treatment is too often siloed into discrete products, resulting in disjointed, misaligned care and escalating claim duration and cost. A more integrated approach can address these pain points.

White Paper Summary

Complex claims, as their name would suggest, always present challenges in workers’ compensation. These are the claims that seem to have no resolution in sight, either because the injury itself is catastrophic and involves a long, difficult recovery, or because other variables come into play that complicate recuperation from even simple injuries. These variables include physical comorbidities like diabetes, hypertension and obesity, as well as psychosocial factors.

Bringing complex claims to a close is particularly difficult because these cases require a multidisciplinary clinical approach. Multiple providers need to be involved from the get-go to address the myriad of physical, emotional, mental and social factors. However, that’s not often the way workers’ comp works.


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