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To Catch a Millennial

Millennials will be the largest workforce in 2020, but they see our industry as unattractive. How do we change that?

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An incomplete list of things millennials have allegedly killed: napkins, handshakes, working, print news, Big Macs, canned tuna, America. And if we don’t make a significant investment in recruiting, cultivating and empowering this pool of fresh talent and rising leaders, we may just find the risk and insurance industry added to that list, nestled uncomfortably between Applebee’s and romance.

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For more than 55 years, York has been delivering results our clients can see and feel. As a leading risk solutions provider, we serve corporations, the insurance industry and public entities to reduce risk and drive high-quality outcomes. We do this by offering integrated and customized solutions including risk management, claims administration, managed care and absence management. With our data-driven and compassionate approach, we deliver on our mission of reducing risk and getting people and organizations back to health, work and productivity. You can learn more at yorkrisk.com.

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