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Three Ways an Expert Adjuster Helps Minimize the Impact of Negligent Security Claims

Property owners and their insurers can work through complex claims and improve safety with the help of experienced, agile, and collaborative casualty adjusters.

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Whenever you walk into an establishment, you expect that the property owner has taken basic precautions to keep you safe. You expect parking areas to be well-lit, security cameras to be fully functioning, and areas of entry and exit to be monitored.

Unfortunately, incidents inevitably still happen, and when they do, victims want to hold someone accountable.

Property owners can face a negligent security claim if the victim of a robbery, assault, or other crime believes that the owner did not take reasonable steps to keep visitors safe and reduce the possibility of such an attack.

“All premises liability claims center on the duty of a property owner or manager to provide a safe environment for visitors, customers, or residents. Negligent security claims are a subset of premises liability specific to the duty to prevent criminal activities from taking place,” said Natalie Prescott, Casualty Claims Manager at Engle Martin & Associates, a leading national loss adjusting and claims management provider.

These claims can be quite complex and emotional. Managing them correctly is critical to ensure that victims get the justice they deserve, and property owners are treated fairly through the process.

Here are three ways the right adjuster can help to resolve complicated claims quickly, and help property owners prevent incidents in the future:

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