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Three Ways Pre-Loss Planning Can Expedite Your Business Recovery and Claim Process

Pre-loss account planning assists businesses in proactively managing an insurable loss when it occurs and positions a business for faster recoveries.

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When the unimaginable occurs, what are the steps that you would take on the road to recovery?

For business owners, when damage and destruction occur, their primary instinct is to restore their business activity as quickly as possible. Businesses are not focused on the implications of having insurance. Recognizing the role insurance may play in providing a path to recovery, prior to an event, creates an opportunity to unlock the benefits of seamlessly integrating a business response with the insurance claims process into one common protocol.

Insurance can be a critical tool, but it is frequently undervalued. Insureds are too often caught unprepared after an event, unsure of how the insurance claims process works, what is expected of them, what decisions they can make on their own and what decisions require approval from their insurance carriers.

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Atlanta-based Engle Martin is a leading national independent loss adjusting and claims management provider. Privately held and owner operated, the firm delivers a comprehensive line of property and casualty claims service offerings.

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