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Three Reasons Your Industrial Workplace Needs an On-Site Athletic Trainer

If you employ “industrial athletes,” having the right occupational health care professional on hand goes a long way in preventing injury and keeping employees safe.

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It’s no surprise that in industrial sectors like manufacturing, construction and warehousing, the most common workplace injuries are musculoskeletal in nature. Sprains and strains that come from doing manual work – or more accurately, from doing manual work with incorrect form or to excess – hurt not just injured employees, but also employers’ productivity and bottom lines.

Musculoskeletal injuries are costly in two ways. First, there is the direct cost of treatment. The other factor is indirect costs, such as lost productivity, increased absenteeism, lower employee morale and greater likelihood of presenteeism as well.

That’s why more employers are focusing on prevention. Invigorated efforts around safety training, pre-shift warmups, ergonomic redesigns and comprehensive employee wellness programs have all aimed to keep injuries from happening in the first place. But is there sufficient reinforcement of injury prevention throughout the workday?

This mission is uniquely well-addressed by the education and skillset of athletic trainers, who can provide many different preventive services. These include creating or updating job descriptions, functional screening, individualized movement analysis, coaching, work readiness (pre-placement exams, conditioning programs, etc.), health promotion, and even as an objective voice in accident investigation, which can provide insight to prevent another injury from happening.

“They’re experts in the musculoskeletal system, yet less expensive than a doctor or physical therapist. Their versatility, their flexibility and their expertise make them the ideal health care professional for injury prevention in the industrial environment,” said Chris Studebaker, PT, DPT, OCS, National Director of Onsite Therapy and Athletic Trainers, Concentra.

Here are three ways an on-site certified athletic trainer can help employers reduce musculoskeletal injury rates, and why they’re the best professional for the job:

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