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This PBM Shows How a Central Platform Keeps Service Streamlined Amid Consolidation

Frequent mergers create a confusing experience for workers’ comp carriers and claimants. By rolling all of its services into a single platform, Optum is proving the IT investment can pay off.

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The past few years have seen rampant consolidation across the healthcare sector, with major health plans buying up companies all along the value chain. Streamlined care pipelines yield cost efficiencies that get passed along to customers – both in the private health and workers’ comp spheres – and larger organizations are better positioned to bring their financial strength to bear on behalf of carriers and claimants.

But consolidation is not the same as unification. Mergers and acquisitions can over time generate incomplete data sets, a disjointed experience for stakeholders, and poorer overall service.

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The Optum workers’ compensation and auto no-fault division works to collaborate with our clients to deliver value beyond transactional savings while helping ensure injured parties receive safe and effective clinical care throughout the life of their claim. Our innovative and comprehensive cost management programs include pharmacy care services, ancillary benefit management, medical services, and settlement solutions.

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