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This Crop Enhanced Coverage Option Provides Well-Needed Assurance to the American Farmer

When traditional means of crop insurance weren’t cutting it for the American farmer, experts from NAU Country Insurance Company knew it was time for a deeper look at the coverages it could offer.

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The American farmer faces increasing risk every day. Many of which, like hurricanes, hailstorms and other acts of nature, are out of their control. That is why it is essential that the American farmer is prepared for what may come.

The agricultural sector faces risk much like every other sector; however, when the fields are lost, so too is the food supply, and that effects everyone. Crop insurance is a product that aims to help the American farmer through volatile and unpredictable weather and other disaster events, but it is just one piece of the coverage puzzle.

“We’ve seen in the last several years farmers having real losses that weren’t able to be covered under the federally funded crop insurance program,” said Jim Korin, president of NAU Country Insurance Company, the crop insurance division of QBE Insurance Company.

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QBE North America is a division of QBE Insurance Group Limited, one of the world's 20 largest insurance and reinsurance companies. We offer the unique integration of financial strength, a broad product set and sophisticated capabilities to deliver value for our partners and policyholders.

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