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These Catastrophic Workers’ Comp Cases Reinforce the Need for an Evolved Workers’ Compensation 2.0 Approach

Carisk Partners shares the success of its patient-centered program as it addresses behavioral health issues impacting return to work, function and recovery.

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When presented with acute catastrophic and complex workers’ compensation claims, it takes an integrated approach to address all injuries, while also keeping the injured worker’s physical and mental wellbeing top of mind. No injury exists in a vacuum, after all and healing requires more than mending a few bones.

“Our approach is based on the fundamental principle of human connection,” said Alana Letourneau, Chief Clinical Strategy Officer, Carisk Partners. “We aren’t just looking at an injured worker; we’re connecting with the patient and taking in how the injury affects them, their family, and their social support system.”

That is why the Carisk team has created Pathways 2 Recovery™, an evolved, patient-centered approach to managing catastrophic and complex workers’ compensation cases. The “2” represents an advanced Workers’ Compensation solution that meets the core needs of the industry.

Carisk calls it P2R, but it represents a WC 2.0, next-generation, innovative solution. In addition to providing care coordination and access to quality care, the program helps employers, TPAs and government agencies manage the risks associated without sacrificing the values-based approach the industry has been seeking.

“In addition to assessing the medical needs of the patient, we understand our patients are human beings who are in need of our help, and we feel compelled to help relieve their physical and emotional pain,” said David Vittoria, Senior Vice President, Clinical Business & Product Development at Carisk Partners.

Several key components, rooted in a behavioral health foundation, are incorporated into Carisk’s advanced Pathways 2 Recovery™ approach to managing these cases. One component, patient engagement, is initiated early in the patient/caregiver relationship and reinforced in the positive-focused, motivational interviewing conducted the moment the Carisk team comes on board. This is geared toward building trust and rapport with the patient, as well as setting a foundation for a therapeutic alliance.

A second component is a multidisciplinary care team matched to the individual. “Our internal team is made up of multiple physicians specialized in critical disciplines, who have first-hand clinical experience in workers’ comp injury areas of focus,” Vittoria explained. “Our experts do a lot more listening than they do talking, to discover the full picture of what is happening in the patient’s life. During this process, we are able to really solidify that bond by helping the patient know in this clinical interview, ‘We’re not your adversary; we’re your advocate.’”

It is through this approach that Carisk has seen tremendous results for the patients it serves. Here are just two examples of that very approach in action and how it drives positive outcomes for all involved.

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