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The Value of Partnering with an Independent Adjuster on Commercial Habitational Losses

Commercial habitational properties are suffering losses from natural disasters, fires, thefts, and vandalism. Working with an independent adjuster can help ensure claims reach satisfactory conclusions.

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Commercial habitational properties face a unique combination of hazards from man-made and natural disasters. Protecting these assets is of the utmost importance to their owners and the people who live in them. Comprised of condominiums, apartment buildings and adjacent commercial spaces, these properties need extra protection because they’re not just buildings; they’re people’s homes and businesses.

“When someone suffers a loss, our goal is to help them restore their lives to a normal routine and a pre-loss condition as quickly as possible. This is especially important with commercial habitational losses where inevitably, multiple households are disrupted,” said Tom Mulroy, Senior Vice President of Eastern Region Field Operations with Engle Martin & Associates, a leading national loss adjusting and claims management provider.

“In these instances, partnering with the right insurance adjuster ensures that each property owner and resident has the support needed to quickly recover from a loss.”

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Atlanta-based Engle Martin & Associates is a leading national independent loss adjusting and claims management provider. Privately held and owner operated, the firm delivers a comprehensive line of property and casualty claims service offerings.

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