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The Heart of the Matter: Healthy Hearts for Healthy Claim Outcomes

How much could your workers’ compensation claims benefit if you could identify and address a single health factor that touches approximately half of the entire U.S. workforce?

White Paper Summary

What if you could help prevent chronic health conditions and unhealthy behaviors that contribute to massive employer costs? You can – by getting to the “heart” of the matter.

In examining the trends associated with comorbidities and overall claim costs, one common denominator rises to the surface – heart health. It is central to so many of the recommendations and medical interventions our nurses encourage, particularly for those claims with comorbidities.

Encouraging collaboration with the injured employee for their personal health and workers’ compensation injury can have several benefits:

• Assists in mitigating claims costs
• Helps improve the overall health of the injured worker
• Expedites and optimizes claim resolution

The bottom line? By empowering heart health in the injured workers we support, our nurse case managers are helping improve lives far beyond the claims they are managing. They are promoting a lifetime of healthy habits.

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As a leading national managed care company, EK Health Services, Inc. sets the gold standard for medical case management, utilization review, medical bill review, network management, and Medicare Set-Asides. We facilitate quality, cost-efficient medical treatment for workers' compensation claims.

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