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The D&O Trends, Challenges and Solutions Insurers Are Watching for in 2020 and Beyond

Directors & officers were already gearing up for a hardening market when the coronavirus pandemic came into play; here’s how they are balancing insureds’ needs with the growing challenges of the time.

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It’s been an interesting few years for the director’s and officer’s, or D&O, insurance marketplace. The industry was experiencing decreasing premiums and increasing market capacity for several years, but as new risk factors and increasing frequency and claims costs came into play, things have started to change.

At the start of 2020, D&O insurance was already facing a hardening market as insurers reported a record number of securities claims over the last several years. Along with the claims, many have also reported a record number of payouts, which correlates with the uptick in “nuclear verdicts” (more than $10 million) being awarded by juries.

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