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The Case for Telephonic Case Management: Why, When, and How to Use this Strategic Tool

Although claims professionals rank nurse case management as the top clinical program most critical to outcomes, questions still persist about when and how to use this tool.

White Paper Summary

According to the annual Workers’ Compensation Benchmarking Study, both claims leaders and frontline claims staff rank nurse case management as the top medical management program most critical to claim outcomes. However, questions about outcomes and when and how to use this strategic tool still persist.

A new white paper by Rising Medical Solutions examines telephonic case management (TCM) to answer these key questions. It also includes:

  • Criteria to consider, both at early onset and as a claim progresses, to identify which claims are best suited for TCM
  • Data sources and analytics to use as decision support tools in triggering TCM intervention
  • Ways telephonic case managers positively impact claims to reduce medical and overall claim costs, as well as drive faster claim resolutions


To learn more about Rising Medical Solutions, please visit their website.

Rising Medical Solutions is a national medical-financial solutions firm that provides medical cost containment and medical care management services to the workers’ compensation, auto, liability and group health markets.

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