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The Best Defense Against Catastrophic Claims is Preparation

Learn more about how having mitigation tools in place can lessen the blow of catastrophic claims.

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For some organizations, preparing for a catastrophe is embedded into business operations and always top of mind. For others, it might not even be on their radar. The truth is damaging incidents can happen anytime, anywhere. Catastrophic claims can arise regardless of the industry or size of a company and have the potential to bankrupt an organization if not protected.

The value of a claim is not always directly correlated to whether a claim is defined as catastrophic. While some types of claims are immediately identified as catastrophic, others are not easily identifiable and may develop over time. Catastrophic claims can include fatalities, serious injuries, incidents that involve multiple claimants or class actions, and events that threaten an organization’s reputation.

Catastrophic events are often unexpected but having mitigation tools in place can lessen the blow and help organizations quickly respond to and manage an incident. Partnering with brokers with a thorough understanding of the steps to take when a catastrophe occurs is key to ensuring your business is in the best possible position.

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