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How Technology Is Significantly Impacting the Claims Process for Hurricane Losses

Hurricane losses involving water damage have increased in recent years, leading one insurer to invest more fully in innovative technologies geared toward streamlining the claims process.

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Since Hurricane Matthew hit the shores of Haiti and the southwestern United States in 2016, catastrophic-sized storms have dropped historic amounts of rain. While building codes and other measures have helped curb the impact of wind damage for insureds, the vexing challenge of water and flood damage has kept many insurers on their toes.

2017’s Hurricane Harvey alone dumped more than 27 trillion gallons of rainwater over Houston, creating property damage as well as lasting mold and other environmental hazards. It remains the wettest hurricane on record, causing $125 million in damages.

“At QBE, we’ve seen more than 50% of hurricane claims starting in 2016 involve water damage,” said Alyssa Hunt, head of technical operations, QBE North America.

The recent hurricane activity was one of the key factors prompting QBE to seek out new platforms that are able to respond to and address water damage head on.

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