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Social Influencers: The Role of Social Determinants of Health in Injured Worker Recovery

What are social determinants of health, and how do they intersect with workplace injury and recovery?

White Paper Summary

Visibility into psychosocial and mental health factors – and the influence they have on work-related injury and recovery – continues to be a key area of focus for workers’ compensation stakeholders. While a significant component of psychosocial factors includes psychological factors such as anxiety, fear avoidance, catastrophizing, or depression, perhaps even more nuanced are the social components – the factors that aren’t defined in the DSM-5, that don’t have an ICD-10 code, and which can’t be addressed through medical treatment.

In our Social Determinants of Health Article Series, Healthesystems will spotlight several SDoH that impact injury and recovery, with a goal of answering these questions:

  • What are social determinants of health (SDoH)?
  • How do SDoH intersect with management of the injured worker?
  • What are some specific examples of how SDoH can impact workplace injury and its recovery?
  • How can workers’ compensation stakeholders gain more visibility into SDoH among injured worker populations?

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