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Risky Business: Employment Practice Litigation on the Rise

Over the past 20 years, employee lawsuits have risen roughly 400%, with wrongful termination suits jumping up more than 260%.

White Paper Summary

When it comes to labor laws and employment practices, the past few years have been a challenge for employers large and small. What businesses across all industry sectors must realize is that they cannot go without the protection needed to respond to employment practices claims such as allegations of sexual harassment, discrimination, and retaliation — to name just a few.

The fact is, today’s employment-related risks can be among the most potentially damaging exposures any business can face. Even if a business isn’t at fault, it must still defend itself against a charge of employment practices misconduct, which is often a costly endeavor. In this white paper, we’ll look at the top  trends in employment practices liability claims and what employers can do to better mitigate risks.

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