RIMS Canada Conference

The RIMS Canada Conference is the second largest annual risk management conference in the world. Held annually, the conference and its Exhibit Hall attract over 1,000 risk managers and the vendor community from Canada and around the world.

When: September 23 – 26, 2018

Where: St. John’s Convention Centre, St. John’s, Canada

What You’ll Learn at the Conference

This industry focused event is well-known for providing keynote speakers, panel discussions and educational sessions with risk management experts. Our attendees have responsibilities in the areas of Enterprise and Strategic Risk Management, Risk Management, Internal Audit, Corporate Compliance, and much more. These experienced risk professionals attend this conference to seek solutions to the everyday challenges they face. Through education and networking you will walk away with new resources and techniques to demonstrate risk management value for your organization.


Who Should Attend

Insurance and Risk Management professionals

To learn more about RIMS Canada Conference, please visit their website.

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