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Ready or Not, Telehealth is Here to Stay

The shift from in-person to virtual visits comes with its own set of exposures and potential liability coverage issues.

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Early in 2020, we saw how quickly COVID-19 rose to a pandemic level and, as a result, how many healthcare providers were thrust into telehealth to meet the needs of their patients. Use of telehealth accelerated exponentially, forcing healthcare providers to embrace and expand their use of telehealth platforms in order to accommodate the social distancing needs of their staff and patients. Few healthcare providers were prepared for this shift.

As the days, weeks and months have gone by, telehealth not only remains but continues to expand. This shift to telehealth brings its own set of exposures and potential liability. As a broker, what questions do you need to be asking your insureds? How might telehealth present additional legal and ethical challenges for your clients?

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