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Re-Engineering The Workers’ Comp Process To Improve Outcomes

CorVel’s CareMC Edge is a collaborative claims management platform designed to improve claims results by speeding up data gathering, decision making and care delivery.

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Imagine you are sitting at home on a Friday afternoon, unable to work because you hurt yourself badly on the job on Monday. You reported the injury immediately but have yet to hear from an adjuster or case manager. As a result, you haven’t scheduled any follow-up care, your pain seems to be worsening, and you have a dozen questions about how soon you might recover and who will pay the bills until you return to work. How long would you wait before calling an attorney to advocate for you?

Unfortunately, this scenario is all too common within the traditional workers’ compensation system, where a number of factors coalesce to cause delays in care and communication.

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CorVel is a national provider of risk management solutions for employers, third party administrators, insurance companies and government agencies seeking to control costs and promote positive outcomes.

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