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Putting It All on the Line – The Effects of Managed Care on Reputational Risk

One bad claim can negatively impact a company's reputation.

White Paper Summary

In today’s fast-paced culture, where updates are at our fingertips every second, reputation often supersedes reality. The beliefs or opinions that are generally held about someone or something can outweigh the factual representation of a person, brand or entity. Negative media coverage, social media slams, class action suits, or even rumors can cause severe damage to a company’s brand.

Reputational risk does not just pertain to risk management – it crosses over to every aspect of workers’ compensation and case management. How we care for an injured worker can have consequences. If a worker’s care is handled poorly, the damage to a company, and the industry, can be lasting, causing deeper strain than the costs associated with a claim.

“I’ve had many conversations with people who are quick to tell me their own negative workers’ compensation claim story when I share what I do. A negative experience can form a person’s entire perception on a topic. We believe in placing the injured worker’s care first and understanding we are an extension of the employer,” explained Zebrah Jahnke, EK Health’s VP of Business Development.

“Our business is to build yours – starting with the health of those you employ and extending through their experience. From beginning to end, we strive to exceed expectations – for your workers, your company, and your brand.”

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