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On-Demand Webinar — Vermont’s Captive Industry: It Just Might Be the Best Job You’ve Never Heard Of

The thriving Vermont Captive industry is a little-known gem in the financial sector. Hear firsthand from the professionals who made it their home and are glad they did.


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With more than $212 billion in assets under management, the Vermont Captive Insurance industry is a little-known, but highly functioning gem in the financial services sector. Working in captives in the Green Mountain State presents opportunities to interact with everyone from C-Suite executives with Fortune 500 companies, to risk managers for small nonprofits, and everything in between.

National and International travel and a flexible work/life arrangement in outdoors-focused Vermont are just some of the perks that can be found for those who devote the time and energy to get to know this industry and the people that make it tick. In this webinar, hear firsthand from a set of young professionals, Vermont born and bred, who returned to their home state to play a role in running what are essentially small insurance companies owned by a parent company or sponsor.

Who should attend this webinar?

Business School Graduates

Captive Managers



MBA Candidates


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