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On-Demand Webinar — The Strategic Role of the Claims Adjuster

Find out how new tools and tactics are creating a framework for adjusters to take a key strategic role in resolving claims more effectively for all stakeholders.


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The role of the adjuster in workers’ comp is a vital one, but not an easy one. The pressures and expectations placed on this group are large – so much depends on them, from the wellbeing of injured workers, to the bottom lines of the organizations working together to care for them.

This essential role requires all of the tools and support and information that the industry can offer. Broadspire and CNA have collaborated on an innovative program that takes the adjuster’s role to the next level and then some – using predictive models, AI, automation and unique initiatives and processes to supercharge the abilities of the adjuster. This approach fosters better communication and teamwork, increased transparency into claims status and opportunities, while enabling shorter claims durations, better outcomes and increased employee satisfaction.

During this panel discussion, executives from Broadspire and CNA go in depth about the program they’ve designed, and how it empowers adjusters to make a real difference in lives of injured workers as they recover.

Who should attend this webinar?

  • Workers’ Compensation Managers
  • Risk Managers
  • Claims Executives
  • CFOs
  • Public and Private Sector Insurance Brokers
  • Third Party Administrators
  • Medical Directors

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