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Here Are 5 Ways Restaurants Can Take Slip & Fall Risk Off the Menu

In this on-demand webinar, learn how slips and falls drive severity while cuts and burns comprise nearly one-third of all restaurant injuries. Yet all of these risks can be better managed.


Webinar Description

Working at break-neck speed, often for low wages, restaurant workers make their livings in a unique risk environment. While cuts and burns inflict injuries with great frequency, it’s slips and falls that drive severity.

According to an AmTrust Restaurant Risk Report, based on a 2018 report, slips and falls cost 4.5 times more than punctures and cuts. Just consider that the average lost time for a restaurant worker that suffers a knee injury in a slip or fall is 53.1 days!

But data shows us that a rigorous loss control program can produce results that depart from industry trends.  Tools such as slip-resistant mats, sturdy shoes with strong grips and good housekeeping procedures can cut down on risk.

In this one-hour webinar, Matt Zender, senior vice president and workers’ compensation product manager for AmTrust Financial Services, and Charlie Page, senior vice president of McGriff Insurance Services, will discuss the key elements of a restaurant loss control program that will keep workers safer, and restaurants in business.

The discussion will include…

  • The challenges inherent in the business models of restaurants that lead to losses.
  • The key elements of a loss control program that can cut down on worker injuries.
  • The phenomena of “Barista Wrist” and other unique risks that are specific to certain restaurant and hospitality professions.

Who should attend this webinar?

Retail, entertainment and hospitality sector brokers

Claims Managers

Risk Managers


Medical loss management companies


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