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On-Demand Webinar: Are We Getting Our Money’s Worth Out of Our Wellness Program?

Far from being off-the-shelf panaceas, successful wellness programs require top-down buy-in, stringent oversight, and most importantly, the backing and participation of employees.


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A wellness program by its very nature is something that should give us warm and fuzzy feelings.  After all, its purpose is to improve worker health; so what’s not to like?

Well, not so fast.

Although there are stand-out wellness programs, and this webinar will report on one of them, evidence is starting to mount that wellness programs generally are not improving worker health to a degree that warrants the resources being put into them.

What’s needed is a more rigorous focus on wellness programs; where they are helping and where they are not, and what will be required for wellness programs to become a true lynchpin of employee health, rather than something the Human Resources Department and the C-Suites just assumes is doing good.

In this hour-long webinar, Monica Manske, an award-winning senior manager of workers’ compensation for the Rochester Regional Health System, and Dr. Marcos Iglesias, the widely quoted medical director for Third Party Administrator Broadspire will discuss:

  • The elements of a legitimate wellness program, what challenges it is equipped to address, and how it will need to be maintained and expanded to remain effective going forward.
  • Mounting evidence that wellness programs across the board are failing to adhere to and deliver results consistent with medical best practices for human health maintenance and improvement.
  • Key takeaways for creating an accountable, best-in-class wellness program that can have a positive impact not only on worker health but on your organization’s bottom line.

Who should attend this webinar?

Workers’ Compensation Managers

Human Resources Executives


Public and Private Sector Insurance Brokers

Third Party Administrators

Medical Directors


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