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Helping Clients Navigate COVID-19 with a Consultative Approach and Clinical Solutions

Workers’ comp exposures are changing rapidly. Employers need clinical partners with the expertise and technological tools to adapt quickly.

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Pandemics don’t discriminate. Though COVID-19 has undoubtedly hurt some businesses more than others, no organization is immune to the virus’s effect on its workforce. Some have had to shift almost entirely to remote work. Others without that option are charged with cutting staff and heightening safety and infection control measures for essential employees that remain. At either end of the spectrum, workers’ comp exposures have changed dramatically in a short period of time.

“The public sector and health care companies have the more obvious exposures in the COVID-19 world — first responders and medical professionals are always on the front lines in disaster scenarios. While their risks aren’t unexpected, they have certainly increased,” said Mike Cirillo, President, myMatrixx. “And then you have essential businesses like grocery stores and manufacturers, where workers are being exposed to risks that had not been anticipated before now.”

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myMatrixx® is a pharmacy benefit management company laser focused on workers’ compensation. The unique combination of myMatrixx and Express Scripts makes them the only workers’ compensation PBM that can deliver customized solutions and exceptional customer service. For more information, visit myMatrixx.com.

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