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More than an Injury: Improving Documentation Means Better Outcomes for Injured Workers

Helping physical therapists overcome workers’ comp data hurdles opens the way to quality care for injured workers.

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As the U.S. embarks upon what many have deemed as the “infrastructure decade,” the health and safety of the workers who propel the economy is a top priority. Many of the country’s top employers, including those in the construction, hospitality, aviation, and manufacturing sectors, heavily utilize human labor, which in turn results in job-related injuries.

Companies can demonstrate that employee health is of utmost importance, and secure their bottom lines, by making sure their injured workers get the right treatment as quickly as possible.

“People’s injuries are their lives,” as Dorothy Riviere, chief clinical officer for Bardavon Health Innovations, has found in her 20-plus years as a physical therapist.

“Most workers’ compensation injuries — 80% to 85% — are musculoskeletal related,” Riviere said.

“Movement is how you participate in your life. It is the foundation of how you actually get to live out your life. There’s nothing more important than that,” Riviere said.

So, the earlier a person with a musculoskeletal injury receives physical rehabilitation, the more likely their recovery will be successful.

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Bardavon Health Innovations is an industry-leading provider of musculoskeletal digital health solutions focused on getting the American workforce back to work and life.

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