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Why a Mix of In-person Therapy, Virtual Coaching and Self Care Are Key to Helping Workers Recover from Musculoskeletal Injuries

New digital tools build on Bardavon’s existing clinical capabilities to promote a whole-person approach to physical therapy care.

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Musculoskeletal (MSK) injuries are the leading cause of work-related injuries and disability. The effectiveness of treatment and success of recovery from those injuries relies heavily on the mindset of the individual patient.

Often these injured workers are overwhelmed by the prescribed treatment regimen and confused by their role in their own recovery. Additional stressors such as anxiety about physical pain, lost wages, and an intimidating claims process can have secondary impacts that a practitioner cannot always discover but can impede successful recovery.

A worker who is anxious or not trying to (safely) push through pain to get back to work quickly may take longer to heal or face reinjury upon returning to work. While in-person care remains at the center of treating MSK injuries, ignoring what a patient can achieve at-home through supplemental self-care and wellness practice can be detrimental to their return to work and long-term health.

“After personally treating injured workers for 10 years, many injured workers have shared they feel very left behind by the workers’ compensation space today. They feel uninformed, scared, and they feel like they’re an afterthought to the process itself,” said Dorothy Riviere, chief clinical officer of Bardavon Health Innovations.

“Putting a face on each injured worker is key to providing quality physical therapy care to get patients back to work.”

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Bardavon Health Innovations is an industry-leading provider of musculoskeletal digital health solutions focused on getting the American workforce back to work and life.

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