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Medicare Set-Asides: A Wish List

A "wish list" of enhancements to improve the MSA process.

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For almost 20 years, the workers’ compensation community has been in direct communication with the Centers for the Medicare and Medicaid Services, better know as CMS, in regards to the creation and potential approvals of Medicare Set-Asides (MSAs). This governing body sets and enforces the rules for MSAs. In that length of time, the process has remained, for the most part, cumbersome and inconsistent. Many involved in MSAs have likely experienced some level of frustration with certain elements of the process.

Read on for a summary of the “wish list” Beth Hostetler, Director of Medicare Services at Albertsons Companies, Inc., shared at a recent conference, discussing the enhancements she would like to see implemented to improve the integrity and efficiency of MSAs as well as the overall MSA process.

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