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Lots of Home Health Agencies Claim to Only Hire the Best. A New Employer Rating Tool Lets Insurers See for Themselves

Not every long-term care or home health agency screens its employees thoroughly. This startup is using data to bring a higher level of transparency and safety to the industry.

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If you’ve ever had to find a caregiver for a family member, you understand how stressful the decision can be. How do you know you can trust the people responsible for your loved one’s health and safety?

Many find peace of mind in the assumption that the long-term care and home health industries are highly regulated. After all, there must be strict employee screening standards to ensure only the most qualified professionals are entrusted with the care of such a vulnerable population.

Unfortunately, that is not the case, and most families only find this out once they discover some form of abuse or negligence.

To learn more about C-Screen, please visit their website.

C-Screen is the first and only objective rating system and website directory that shows how thoroughly employers screen their employees.

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