On-Demand Webinar

Introduction to the ODG Job Profiler

Join us for an in-depth on-demand webinar on the ODG Job Profiler, an innovative software platform powered by MyAbilities and artificial intelligence technology which is available as an add-on to the ODG by MCG User Interface.

Webinar Summary

The ODG Job Profiler adds job demand data across every industry and occupation by providing a comprehensive database of physical, cognitive, and environmental demands specific to over 30,000 jobs spanning nearly every industry. This solution helps insurers, third-party administrators (TPAs), and employers identify and mitigate the risk of injury by creating a customized Physical Demands Analysis (PDA) for each job function, adjusting disability duration guidelines according to job demands.

Learn more as we demo the product during this informative on-demand webinar.

Phil LeFevre, Managing Director, ODG by MCG
Mike Sonne, PhD, CCPE, VP of Innovations and Research, MyAbilities

To learn more about ODG by MCG, please visit their website.

ODG, an MCG Health company, provides unbiased, evidence-based guidelines that unite payers, providers, and employers in the effort to confidently and effectively return employees to health.

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