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Integrated with Integrity: A Risk Management World Where Everyone Wins

An integrated model of risk management built on integrity equates to success for all.

White Paper Summary

Integrity. It’s a concept many are familiar with, meaning having strong individual moral principles or moral uprightness.

This basic foundation of integrity may represent a singular ideal, driven by many individual choices to do the “right thing.” Integrity is most intimately measured within oneself.

Integrity can also mean a state of being whole and undivided. When acted out collectively around common goals, the power of integrity — in community — is unmatched. Yet, while this value is often tossed around as a general expectation in business, is it truly infused in day-to-day operations?

A real-world application of integrity can be exemplified within the integrated model of workers’ compensation managed care, where multiple parties come together, committed to championing one common goal – healing the injured worker and saving the payor from unnecessary costs.

When all aspects of managed care programming are optimized independently, and integrated appropriately, the enhanced model soars for the client and the provider, while also providing the quality of care that the injured worker rightfully deserves. Integration with integrity is truly a world where everyone wins.

“The integrated model is exemplified though understanding of program controls and the detailed intertwining of provider networks, utilization review, medical bill review, and case management. A properly unified holistic system has greater opportunity to provide excellence in care. This leads to an emphasis on productive and expedient return-to-work pathways as well as the achievement of balanced levels of satisfaction across the board — for providers, clients and the injured workers,” said Zebrah Jahnke, Vice President of Business Development at EK Health Services Inc.

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As a leading national managed care company, EK Health Services, Inc. sets the gold standard for medical case management, utilization review, medical bill review, network management, and Medicare Set-Asides. We facilitate quality, cost-efficient medical treatment for workers' compensation claims.

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