InsureTech Connect 2020

InsureTech Connect 2020 will bring together more than 8,000 of the leading minds in insurance innovation and digital transformation, representing more than 65 countries from across the globe.

When: September 21 – 23, 2020

Where: MGM Grand, Las Vegas, NV

What You’ll Learn at the Conference

At InsureTech Connect 2020 you will see what’s on the leading-edge from traditional players and start-ups alike; find out what investors are seeking from entrepreneurs and the technology impacting the industry the most; discover emerging product categories like cyber insurance, on-demand, parametric and more; discuss issues and opportunities arising from new tech enabled segments such as smart homes, autonomous vehicles and aerial imagery; understand hot-button topics from regulators across the globe and collaborate on shaping the future of insurance; network with your peers…and your competition; create lasting partnerships and do more business.

Who Should Attend


  • Connect with entrepreneurs and explore commercial relationships.
  • See the leading edge across all categories, including Property & Casualty, Health, Life, Small Business and specialty.
  • Engage with your fellow insurance industry leaders — 60%+ of whom are founders.


  • Network with investors, fellow innovators, and develop partnerships with leading participants in the industry.
  • Learn what investors across the globe are eager to fund.
  • Understand the mindset of the industry and gain a better grasp of where the market is heading.


  • Gain visibility into companies across the full range of stages and strategies.
  • Understand the competitive landscape and the mindset of likely acquirers across North America and Europe.
  • Meet thought leaders and leave with deep insight into the forces shaping the industry.

To learn more about InsureTech Connect, please visit their website.

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